A-D/Arrow keys/D-pad/left stick to move

W/Up-Arrow/D-Pad Up to enter doors

Yellow flowers are light sources, while Red flowers are checkpoints.

In this game you take control of a brave failure of a dungeoneer and explore a very dark  dungeon. Being in the dark slowly drains you and then kills you.  Though it's not always bad. After all, Failure is Progress.

Hello there!

Welcome to my 2nd ever game jam game. I hope you enjoy playing it. I am very excited that I managed to finish this game  even after having prior engagements that ate significantly into my time. Sorry for no Linux build yet, I need to install the correct module for it :P

Quite excited for the feedback. Thanks in advance!

CREDITS: The beautiful tileset you see is from

Some of the sounds are also from there, but unfortunately I don't have the links, sorry :(

The player character and floaty orb spirit when you die thing are the only things I made in terms of art lol.

EDIT: Yes you can win this game. It's quite easy, really. ;P


SPOILER: To win the game, walk left and off the screen in the very first level, and keep walking left. It signifies you giving up and going home, so you win!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, Side Scroller


Windows.rar 23 MB
Download 29 MB


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Nice concept!

This is so unique


I'd appreciate if you played my game!

I usually start there, playing the games of the people who comment on mine lol. Yeah, I'll definitely play it!